Friday, June 15, 2007

"They Live" (1988)

The film takes place in the near future. The world is experiencing a sort of global depression after what seems to have been a societal meltdown. Morale is low, conditions are the poorest. In looking for work Roddy Piper's character, Nada, finds himself in the middle of an uprising; a conspiracy to overthrow the powers that be. Powers that no one would expect to be. Nada finds a box full of special sunglasses that strip away the strategically placed layers and let him see what is truly happening. The media, Politics, everything is controlled by these malevolent inhabitants. The terrifying nature of this movie is enough to chill your bones as you watch Nada's world crumble before his, and your own, eyes. It is a movie that can be watched again and again for it's depth is that of worldly proportions. Watch "They Live".