Friday, April 25, 2008

Time - "Before There Was..." 1968


petya venikov said...

great blog! thank you for some interesting releases - is the the Serbian "Time" or some other time?


jar fresh said...

wikipedia lists a yugoslavian 'time' and an 80's american 'time'. apparently this 'time', circa 1968 hailed from east coast united states. thing is they never actually released an album. all these recordings were later released onto vinyl by some purist german company then on cd later. the band changed their name to 'think dog' and recorded an record called 'dog says' which i've been unable to find so far. anyway, thank you petya

Bals said...

Noup..not the Serbian it was and is Croatian band wich was in Yugoslavia at that time, by the way its awfull to me ... this is much much better band ... tnx for up